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E-commerce Solution

E-commerce Solution

Our e-commerce solution is an integration of web hosting, website, email, and shopping cart system. If your existing website is without such functionalities, try out our service now and you'll find it's just as simple as 1-2-3 to have your own online business.

Why us?

One-Stop Solution

Easy to Use

You need only 10 minutes to familiar with each function. Many of our existing clients built their great EC site successfully without our technical support.

We are multilingual

English is our primary language. We also speak Mandarin (Chinese), Cantonese, Bahasa Malaysia and some serious geeky language (for hardcore geeks only, of course).

Complimentary Consultation Service

SharedNot too sure how to start? We cannot help you decide on what to sell, after all, it's your business edge. But we definitely can guide you through what it takes to run e-commerce successfully.

We are the Real Deal

When you add up all the benefits (features, support, stability, accountability, reliability, know-how etc) - We undeniably offer more value than any nearest competitor. Don’t let any “cheap ecommerce solution” burn you.

No Additional Software/Hardware Required

You don't have to buy any computer software or hardware in order to use MyMall. What is neccessary is just a PC that is accessible to the Internet and with a Mozilla compatible browser (Internet Explorer is recommended).

Layout Customization

We provide special layout customization service to ensure your online shop is unique and doesn't look like others.

We make you look good

Design sells and design communicates Trust. We put up a list of beautifully designed e-commerce templates ready to be used right away and make you look good when selling.

Packages we offerred:

No. of items allowed 10,000
Storage space 8GB (up to 120,000 images with size 80k each)
Monthly bandwidth 60GB
E-mail engine Gmail
No. of admin users allowed 5
Templates Premium templates designed to choose from
URL Branding (icon) Yes
Online traffic tracking Google analytics
Google maps Yes
SEO ready Yes
Multi-languages support Yes (English is selected by default)
Social networking integrated Facebook
SSL support Yes
Payment methods supported Cash/Cheque
  * Exclusive of payment gateway setup fee & annual fee
Reports Yes
Supports Ticketing & phone
Setup fee RM700 (one time)